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I begin this – my brand, sparkling new entry for this brand, sparkling new blog, with a memory of old.

A memory so old, in fact, that it predates me. It predates my father too, through whom I claim kinship with the event. It begins, for my family at least, with my grandparents’ wedding, on the 8th of August, 1947, in Lyallpur, West Punjab.

It was a traditional Hindu Punjabi arranged marriage, carried out in some style as it celebrated the union of two firstborns. There was some concern locally over rising Hindu-Muslim tensions. The date of India’s Independence from British rule approached, and in the midst of the excitement, communal tempers were inflamed. There were calls for a separate country to be carved out for Muslims, but there was no indication of where the new borders might lie.

Besides, Punjab was different. There had always been Hindus in…

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