Why it’s Time to Stop Being India’s Daughter

On why India’s women must stop being India’s Daughter.

Indian | Accents

16 December 2012. As the rest of humanity slowed down for the festive close of the year, in India, things were building up to a shocked crescendo. We lit candles, we stayed out in the cold and fog, we as a nation battled police brutality, all in support of the nameless victim of a horrying gang-rape onboard a moving bus in Delhi on the night of 16th December.

Nirbhaya we called her; the fearless one. We honoured her for her spirit, for her will to live. For her refusal to feel shame for other people’s brutality. Nirbhaya herself died a few days later, succumbing to massive internal injuries, but the fire she had lit in India’s consciousness continued burning.

Slowly change was affected in India. Nirbhaya’s attackers were caught and all – barring one juvenile – were sentenced to death. India’s sometimes shrill media took up a drum…

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